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Our Company

The history of our company started in the middle of the 1990s, when Willi Mecklenburg began to work as a self-employed tax consultant in Düsseldorf again. Before, he was a partner at Pricewaterhouse (later on “PricewatehouseCoopers” or “PwC”) and responsible for the tax department at their Düsseldorf office. Thus, he was especially involved with international clients and affairs.

Our Company

The history of our company started in the middle of the 1990s, when Willi Mecklenburg began to work as a self-employed tax consultant in Düsseldorf again. Before, he was a partner at Pricewaterhouse (later on “PricewatehouseCoopers” or “PwC”) and responsible for the tax department at their Düsseldorf office. Thus, he was especially involved with international clients and affairs.

In the following years, Willi Mecklenburg convinced four former senior managers of various departments of Pricewaterhouse to join his own enterprise. Together, they form the current circle of partners. The first of them was Claus Hoffmann in 2000, which led to the name our company still has today: “Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH”.

Led by the owners at our Düsseldorf location, our company has always been focused on international affairs and attuned to the typical requirements of medium and larger-sized companies. Our clients can be found in a wide range of industries, for example renowned international trade firms, plant-construction companies, automobile supply enterprises, real estate and chemical corporations as well as large architecture offices. They all are met with the perfect combination of experience and commitment, of expertise and know-how and of systematics and synergies.

Besides our bigger clients who often belong to international groups, a growing circle of private and small business clients started to develop. To support them individually and personally became more and more important to us as well.

By acquiring a partnership in 2011 that was also based in Düsseldorf and that particularly focused on this segment of clients we have committed ourselves to this field of business and were able to strengthen our company purposefully.

We offer our clients high calibre consultancy services and have lean structures which enable us to provide personal attention. In addition we are big enough to have the right experts for every specialist area at their disposal.

Thus, our clients can expect quality advice and service at reasonable terms.


We offer service, knowledge and competence at fair conditions. But of course, we can not be experts in every field. Therefore, we joined sides with several chosen and trusted specialists and formed a well proven cooperative network that we can rely on at all times. It consists of the following partners:

Killaars Steeghs Group

Many of our clients belong to international groups of companies who also are active in the Netherlands. Those groups are quite common in our region, and it’s especially them who profit from our cooperation with the accountants and, in Dutch, the belastingsadviseurs of the Killaars Steeghs Group, based in the nearby province of Limburg.

With this company and their roundabout 80 Dutch professionals we are connected in a long-time cooperation, that makes information exchange and coordination across borders as easy as possible. So these clients in many ways profit from true one-stop service.

Killaars Steeghs Groep
Stationstraat 4
5953 GX Reuver
Postbus 4785
5953 ZK Reuver

+31 (0) 77 – 47400 00

+31 (0) 77 – 47400 99


Waldowski • Stünkel • Arendt & Partner GbR

This Düsseldorf based partnership is more than 100 years old and belongs to the most renowned and well-known law companies in Germany. Currently, there are nine partners in the office, each specialised on selected fields of law. The activity for their clients comprises out-of-court counselling and correspondence, the drawing and negotiating of contracts as well as representation before courts and institutions.

Out of the numerous fields of law covered by the partnership it’s especially the areas of mergers and acquisitions, corporate and contract law, law relating to economic offenses, labour law as well as succession plans for companies in which we cooperate very efficiently with these colleagues.

Waldowski • Stünkel • Arendt & Partner GbR
Praxis Düsseldorf
Königsallee 31
40212 Düsseldorf

+49 (0) 211 – 323 05 55

+49 (0) 211 – 13 22 24

Roger Kam & Co. and R&T Consulting Group

We cooperate with this tax consulting and auditing company in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai and Peking. The group is a medium-sized firm and comparable with our society in many other aspects. Just like us Roger Kam & Co. and R&T Consulting Group are practicing an international, one-stop and solution-oriented business model. They are our preferred partner, when it comes to business in China, Hong Kong and also South East Asia. Particularly German clients, who are interested in transactions of any kind with companies in Hong Kong and in continental China, as well as Asian enterprises seeking for German or European business contacts take advantage of the liaison between our offices. Financial due diligence projects and international taxation topics are the main focus of our cooperation.

Room(s) 301-303, 3/F.
Golden Gate Commercial Building
136 - 138 Austin Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon




It is also the activities apart from the pure consulting and auditing business that reflect the character of our enterprise. But please have a look ...

Donation instead of Christmas cards

In 2018 we have decided again not to send Christmas cards to clients and to business partners. Instead, we have donated an amount equal to the avoided costs (material, postage and work time) to the children’s and teenager’s hospice “Regenbogenland” in Düsseldorf. With this money we particularly support animal-based forms of therapy. Regenbogenland makes use of two specially trained therapy dogs that frequently come into the house and bring a lot of joy to the children.

A children’s hospice is a house for children that have a limited life expectancy due to a terminal disease or to a severe handicap. People there focus on life and on the lust for life. It is an institution that wants to help families arrange the remaining time with their children as fulfilled and positive as possible.


In times of globalization, in which the world is getting smaller and smaller and business contacts with people of different cultures are commonplace, we do enjoy cultivating those personal relationships. This implies discussions that are not limited to the pure client relationship like facts and figures.

It is particularly the knowledge gained in such conversations about the characteristics and customs of other nations that is often the basis of a successful economic cooperation. This knowledge is something that we offer to our clients to support them with their cross-border topics and transactions.

Mecklenburg + Hoffmann and music

We regularly support concert events in Düsseldorf.

Thus, an evening concert took place under our patronage on November 17, 2016, at the Hotel de Medici in Düsseldorf. Performed were pieces of Schumann, Hindemith and Schubert. Colleagues, clients and numerous guests enjoyed this classical soirée and the performances of the artists. In the future, we will take opportunities like these to support artists in this form.

Commitment to sport

Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH has been participating in the annual relay competition of the Metro-Marathon in Dusseldorf since 2015 to promote the physical activity and the team spirit of our employees.

Also in 2018, we managed to enter a relay team. Despite the workload which is traditionally high in the first few months of each calendar year, it seemed as if the active runners had prepared very well for their performance.

Considering that close to 3,000 relay teams participated in the marathon, finishing in position 669 meant a quite remarkable result and the second best score ever of one of our relay teams.

It is already a done deal that at least one relay team can be found in the line-up for next year's Metro-Marathon.


In addition to the education and further training of our own employees, we also try to contribute to the education of students or of occupational groups that work outside of our subject areas. As part of this commitment, Mr. Schücking has been working steadily on staff as lecturer at the dual university of the state of Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim for years and holds lectures on accounting and taxes. Also, clients use our expertise in this field in order to keep their employees professionally up to date.


Regularly, Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH takes part in professional and cultural events, particularly those of the Japanese community in Dusseldorf. One of these occasions was in May 2017 when we supported the Business Forum Japan as co-sponsors. The theme was "Innovation and Cooperation – New Strategies for the Success of Enterprises in a Digitalized Economy".


Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH


Kasernenstraße 1
40213 Düsseldorf

Tel. 0211 / 61 07 90-0
Fax 0211 / 61 07 90-40



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