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    Our team

    Shareholders included, our team consists of around 30 members, active in various areas. Among these are three additional tax advisors, one German Chartered Accountant and one American CPA.

    The Shareholders

    Willi Mecklenburg has a long, proven track record as a specialist in auditing and tax consultancy with an international focus. This highly qualified businessman has an especially convincing wealth of experience in international tax law.

    Active for many years as a general (unlimited) partner in the FMP Group (auditors/tax consultants); until 1996 he was the leading tax partner of the Pricewaterhouse office in Düsseldorf. Since then the resultant expertise as a consultant and auditor has been placed at the disposal of our company’s clients.

    Although Mr Mecklenburg has meanwhile withdrawn from the daily consultancy business, he is still a highly appreciated discussion partner for the entire team.

    Stefan Buß holds a diploma in business administration and adds true internationalism as a chartered accountant and tax advisor to our company since 2007.

    At PwC he was responsible for statutory audits of annual financial statements and of consolidated financial statements according to German HGB, IFRS/IAS and US-GAAP. At that time his client portfolio comprised a wide range of companies of different sizes and industries. Later on, between 2003 and 2006, he was able to expand his knowledge in international accounting and financial reporting practices in Canada.

    Claus Hoffmann has strengthened our team since 2000 with his dynamism and know-how as a chartered accountant and tax advisor. He studied Economics at the University of Lausanne where he earned his degree "Licencié et diplômé en économie politique". Therefore, he brings an international background to the service of our company’s clients.

    Clients benefit not only from his knowledge gained as Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Düsseldorf but also as Director of Finance, Accountancy and Controlling at a large German plant-construction company.

    He has a profound knowledge and comprehensive experience in international tax law. In 2008 Claus Hoffmann successfully took the exam as a specialised consultant in international tax law and was certified by the Chamber of Tax Advisors in 2009.

    Beate Wagner graduated in economy at Bochum University and joined Mecklenburg + Hoffmann in 2006. She consults our clients in national and international tax law. As a tax advisor and former senior tax manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers she is familiar with international clients and brings her experience and high qualification into our team of experts. She especially benefits from her long expericence with Japanese clients and their specific questions. Her main topics include, among others, VAT, transfer price documentation and the deployment of foreign employees (expatriates) to Germany.

    Hubertus Schücking holds a degree as an economist. After several years of working for Deutsche Bank and subsequent studies in economics at the University of Münster, he has been with PricewaterhouseCoopers from 1996 to 2010. There, he acted as senior manager in audit, specialised in German subsidiaries of international groups.

    He is a certified tax advisor as well as a chartered accountant and complements our team since 2010, bringing in a wide range of knowledge in financing, audit and compilation of reporting packages and international accounting regulations (IFRS, US-GAAP).

    Clients in the leasing and the automotive industry and also the preparation of valuation appraisals are his main fields of activity. Besides his commitment to our company, Hubertus Schücking also is a lecturer for accounting at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (dual academy) in Mannheim.

    The Employees

    Since 1988 Jürgen Gemeinhardt was employed as a tax advisor at a partnership that we have acquired. He is closely familiar with that partnership's clients.

    During those years the graduate in business administration of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf gained comprehensive expertise, particularly in income tax related consulting of wealthy private clients which he fully brings into Mecklenburg + Hoffmann’s business.

    Justin Harrell belongs to our network of freelancers. The American-born Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) supports us particularly in the sphere of international accounting in accordance with US-GAAP and IFRS, and in the auditing or compilation of consolidated financial statements.

    Additionally, Justin Harrell supports our team in projects related to internal controls (IKS), especially regarding Sarbanes Oxley Act 404. He, too, has had many years of experience as a manager with Pricewaterhouse.

    After finishing his studies of business administration, with a focus on banks, in Karlsruhe Ronny Poppe-Krol signed up with NRW.Bank in Düsseldorf, where he was engaged in the business analysis and management of the current portfolio. Subsequently he relocated to PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH WPG, where he passed his exams as a chartered accountant in 2015 and was last in the position of a senior manager in the audit division for banks and financial services institutes.

    After a two-year engagement as an internal auditor of an international insurance company Mr Poppe-Krol decided to join our team in spring 2021. The focal points of his activities are the performance of financial audits and the support of our clients in the compilation of statutory and consolidated financial statements as well as reporting packages.

    After the completion of his professional training as a tax assistent in 2013 Markus Dombrowski realized soon that this was just the beginning of his professional education.

    Consequently and as the next step he took his exams as a tax specialist („Steuerfachwirt“) in the year 2017, when he also entered the Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH.

    Since the beginning of 2021 he may also use the titel of a certified tax consultant and has meanwhile become an integral part of our company. Besides the standard skills of a tax consultant, also challenging problems in the tax consultancy of private persons and also partnerships are main areas of his professional activities.

    After his studies of business administration in Münster that he partly completed in Bogota/Columbia, Marco Medina first worked as a tax and audit assistant in a medium-seized tax and audit company for four years.

    He joined our company in April 2022, right after he had succesfully passed his exam as a certified tax consultant. He is now an important player of our team in the area of tax consultancy as well as in the audit business. He is also engaged with the teaching and training of younger teammates.

    After a professional training as a tax assistant and after her subsequent exams as a tax specialist („Steuerfachwirt“) she became a certified tax consultant in 2016. Later Suda Keller relocated from Darmstadt in Hessen to the Rhine area for private reasons.

    In our office she is focused on the tax consultancy and accounting of partnerships and in the design of family properties since July 2023.

    Training and Education

    We offer our employees the opportunity to further their education. Judith Fliegen is an example of this. She attended a course that lasted for several months and became a certified wage accountant (IHK, Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

    Through this training she has enhanced her knowledge in this field significantly and, thus, is able to help our clients even more effectively.

    Daniel Dambrowski entered the Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH as a tax assistant in April 2020. In the meantime, our company supported him in the preparations for his exam as a tax specialist („Steuerfachwirt“) that he successfully passed in 2022.
    Now he has already drawn a bead on another professional exam and has started the preparation for becoming a certified tax consultant. Also in this case, he can be sure of all our support.

    Professional development is not a one-way road. Instead, the course of professional careers appears often unplanned and shows unforeseen curves and changes in direction. Just a couple of years ago Kubilay Bilgin still concentrated his attention on the disposition and delivery of new cars. Then he took the decision to start an apprenticeship as a tax assistant.
    After the successful completion thereof, he joined us in February 2023. Already after a few months he has become an indispensable part of our team, not only from a professional but also from a personal perspective.

    After his graduation from high-school Linus Lüker started working with us as a trainee in August 2021 and has become an appreciated colleague in our circle. Meanwhile, only a short time is left until his final exam as a tax assistant. For those tests we wish him all the best and good luck!

    In addition we regularly give pupils and college students the chance to intern with us and take a look at the everyday work of tax advisors and chartered accountants. In our experience these opportunities benefit us as much as the interns in most cases.

    Interns will continue to belong to the everyday life in our company.

    Positions Offered

    To support our team we are currently looking for new colleagues as:

    Assistant for taxes and auditing (m/f/d)

    Tax advisor (m/f/d)

    If interested, please contact Mrs Schreiber-Karmann (Tel.: 0211 610 790-30).